Your yard is an oasis for your family, but sometimes it's hard to have privacy with no fence or a lower fence. You might have a neighbor that needs to know everything going on around them or have features in your backyard that you'd like to protect, such as a pool. A wood privacy fence is an excellent way to get exactly what you want out of your yard and brings plenty of benefits as well. Fusion is the Cincinnati area's top choice for fence installation with high quality materials and skilled craftsmen.

Wood Privacy Fence Cincinnati

The wood privacy fence installation process is somewhat complicated due to the size of the fence and how closely the pieces are placed together to ensure that no one can see in. Working with a professional installation team provides you with a quality fence with quick turnaround time. It's easy to take on DIY projects that end up taking months or even years, due to a lack of time, expertise, and specialized equipment. 

Wood Privacy Fence Ideas

There are many significant benefits to having a wood privacy fence in place at your Cincinnati home. 

One of the biggest advantages is that you're increasing your home's value significantly in a few ways. The first is that you have a private backyard that really provides a visual sense of how large the space is and that it's the homeowner's place to unwind and relax without interruption. In the event that there is any confusion about the size of the yard compared to surrounding properties, you can simply point to the fence as a way to see that. 

The high privacy fence, which is typically around 6 feet tall, also helps to keep pets in the yard, as well as younger children. Even if that's not relevant to your family today, if you decide to sell your home, it can be a great selling point. You end up expanding the potential buyer pool, which allows you to move your home faster than a similar property on the market. 

Surrounding your backyard with a privacy fence also adds security to your property, as this type of fence is difficult to scale. You won't have people cutting through your yard or taking the opportunity to get into sheds or steal items that are left unattended. 

Do you live on a busy street that adds constant noise pollution to your day? It can be frustrating to deal with those sounds, especially if inconsiderate drivers are blowing their horns or going down the street way too fast with noisy engines. A privacy fence will help reduce the noise so you can hear the sounds of the great outdoors again. You can read a book, take a nap, and listen to birds chirping in the backyard again with the help of a privacy fence. 

If your neighbors aren't as good about yard care and upkeep as you are, a privacy fence can also block views of overgrown weeds, broken down cars, piles of garbage, tires, and other unpleasant sights in your neighborhood. 

Range of Options

Wood privacy fences come in many forms. The typical fence is six-feet tall, although you can also get up to eight-feet tall if you prefer. Before choosing the taller fence, make sure that you're not in an HOA that limits the height of the fencing. Cedar privacy fences and treated wood privacy fences are available in a variety of styles: 

  • Good Neighbor wood privacy fence: This type of fence positions the most attractive portion of the fence, which is the smooth side, outwards from your backyard so that's what your neighbors see. On your side of the fence, you can see the rails and the posts that make up the fence construction. 
  • Shadowbox wood privacy fence: This is a visually attractive privacy fence style that alternates the pickets on different sides of the rail. 
  • Dogeared wood privacy fence: This option is your classic, rounded top, side by side posts. 
  • Stockade wood privacy fence: This is one of the most cost-effective options with a simple style. 
  • Roll-top wood privacy fence: Large portions of the posts have a smooth rounded pattern, which creates a wave effect along the top of the fence. 
  • Scalloped wood privacy fence: This is a decorative top that is less expensive than lattice, while still adding an attractive look to your privacy fence. 
  • Lattice top wood privacy fence: This is a highly decorative privacy fence style that, while expensive, does an excellent job at adding to your exterior style and curb appeal. Many types of lattice styles and materials are available, which allows you to customize it to your own personal tastes and style. 


Wood Privacy Fence Prices

The exact cost of your wood privacy fence depends on quite a few cost factors. 

Cost of Materials 

The material cost of your wood privacy fence is greatly influenced by the wood that you want to use for it. To keep the wood fencing budget-friendly, posts may be constructed out of more weather-resistant material, while the railing could be a more cost-effective material. For example, you could use that approach to put red cedar wood privacy fencing up, with a less expensive material combined with it to limit costs. This expense could be up to $50 per foot, although the average is lower than half that amount. Pine and red cedar are two typical fencing materials used in this area. This cost can vary significantly depending on if you're purchasing it yourself or working with a professional wood privacy fence installer. The latter often has wholesale sources of lumber for this type of project that is less expensive than purchasing the material retail at a home improvement store. 

It's also important to choose the right type of wood that can hold up to the elements without rotting and breaking down. There are treatments and sealants that assist with this process, but some types of wood are more rot-resistant than others. A wood privacy fence is a big investment for your home, so it's important to put up a lasting fence that will serve your family for years to come. 

Length and Height of Fence

This cost factor is simple - the taller and longer your fence is, the more material it will need. If you don't have any pets that are particularly high jumpers, a six-foot fence will serve most people's needs. The typical dog is not able to scale this height of the fence and is more prone to trying to dig under it. You can add hardware to the base of the fence to prevent any holes being dug under your new installation, which mitigates this risk factor. For dogs that could win an Olympic gold medal in high jumping, the eight-foot fence is appropriate. You can also add hardware at the top of the fence to make it nearly impossible for your pets to leave the yard. 

Cost of Installation

If you're working with a professional roofing company in Cincinnati, you also want to consider the cost related to the fencing contractor's labor. The company will come out to your property to discuss your fencing needs, the options available for materials, the styles that you'd like, and other topics. You will get a free estimate so you know exactly how much everything is going to cost. When weighing DIY installation versus professional wood privacy fence installation Cincinnati, you'll also want to think about how much getting the tools for the job would cost if you did it yourself. The quote you get from the professional installer is all-inclusive. If you're putting up a fence to make your house more attractive to home buyers, professional installation is going to have the polished look that a DIY approach may not have. They can also get this work done much more quickly due to their experience and tools, which helps you get the house on the market and sold faster. 

Cost of Tools

If you do choose to move ahead with a DIY wood privacy fence installation, a few of the tools that you should have on hand for the job includes a cordless drill, a finisher nailer, the correct drill bits and screws, and a post auger. While some of this equipment may be available at your home already or be available on a rental basis from a home improvement store, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in tools for a single project, on top of all material costs. For rentals, you also have to consider taking the time transporting the tools from the store to your home. It can eat up a lot of time. The opportunity cost and time commitment required to DIY a privacy fence, especially if you don't have prior experience, can be significant. Make sure that you add this to your consideration when you're deciding whether to go with a DIY project versus professional wood privacy fence installation. 

Cost of Decorative Fencing and Panels 

Decorative additions to your wood privacy fence, such as lattice tops, will drive up the cost. On the plus side, the lattice will increase the fence's height for you, in case you aren't happy with the base height that you have chosen. You may opt to have decorative fencing panels on the most visible parts of the fence, and keep the other ones plain as a way to balance out the costs. Since wood privacy fencing is so customizable, it's easy to add and remove features as needed to keep it within your estimated budget, even if you want to add some flair to it. 

Cost of Paint and Sealant

Natural wood looks great in wood privacy fencing, but it does need a sealant to stop the elements from breaking it down. You can go one step further and paint the fencing to match your home, add a bold pop of color to your yard, or try another style that works with your landscaping. The cost of the paint and sealant varies greatly depending on how much you need and the type that you select. Make sure that everything is designed for outdoor usage, or else you'll end up with paint flaking off everywhere to make your fence look bad. If you have neighbors with great looking fences, talk to them to find out what type of paint and sealant was used in the process. 

Cost of Gates and Other Hardware

Have you considered adding a gate for easy access to your yard or adding post caps to your wood privacy fence? These additions need to be planned for as part of the fence installation process, and they can add a large amount to the budget. As with other fencing options, you have a lot of variety in the gates that you can add to match the rest of the fence. Think about how it works into the rest of your exterior design and the yard to have a cohesive look.  

A wood privacy fence is an excellent addition to many homes, and the sheer range of options allows it to fit every style and budget. When you're ready to put up your wood privacy fence, contact us to discuss your installation options and to get a free quote.