Wood Privacy Fence

A wood privacy fence is a good option due to its natural and attractive appearance, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of any property. It provides excellent privacy and security, effectively blocking views and deterring intruders. Wood fences are versatile, allowing for customization in height, style, and stain or paint colors. They are also relatively easy to install and can be more cost-effective than other materials. Additionally, wood is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice when sourced responsibly.

Fusion will build your fence on-site to follow the grade of your property. We do not install pre-built one size fits all panels.

Your choice in lumber including Cedar, Pressure treated yellow pine, Red Pine, or Poplar.

4,6,and 8 foot tall options in most styles of wood privacy fences available

  • Good Neighbor

  • Shadowbox

  • Dog Eared

  • Stockade

  • Roll Top

  • Scalloped

  • Lattice Top 

  • Horizontal 
Cedar horizontal fence in Cincinnati built by Fusion Fence
4' French Gothic privacy fence built in West Chester Ohio
Cedar privacy Cincinnati
Pine privacy Cincinnati Ohio
cedar privacy fence
Shadowbox Fence built by Fusion fence in Cincinnati

Wood privacy fences come in various styles, each offering unique aesthetic and functional benefits. Here’s a detailed explanation of the different types:

Stockade Fence
This traditional style features tightly packed vertical pickets with pointed tops, resembling the historic stockade fortifications.

- High Privacy - The closely spaced pickets offer excellent privacy and security.
- Classic Look - Its traditional appearance suits various architectural styles.

Board-on-Board Fence
This style has overlapping vertical boards that create a gap-free surface.

- Enhanced Privacy - The overlapping design ensures no gaps, providing complete privacy.
- Wind Resistance - Offers good wind resistance due to the staggered boards.

Shadowbox Fence
Also known as a “good neighbor” fence, it features alternating boards on either side of the rails.

- Attractive Appearance - Looks the same from both sides, making it neighbor-friendly.
- Airflow - Allows air to pass through while still providing substantial privacy.

 - Lattice Top -
Combines solid boards with a lattice section on top.

- Aesthetic Appeal - The lattice adds a decorative element while maintaining privacy.
- Versatility - Can be customized with different lattice designs and board heights.

Horizontal Fence
Uses horizontal boards instead of the traditional vertical orientation.

- Trendy -Offers a contemporary and sleek appearance.
- Visual Appeal - Creates a sense of extended space and modern aesthetic.

Dog-Ear Fence
Features pickets with a beveled top edge, resembling a dog’s ear.

- Durable Design -The beveled edges reduce water damage, extending the fence’s lifespan.
- Classic Style - Offers a traditional yet attractive look.

All of these fence types have their unique advantages, making it possible to choose one that best fits your aesthetic preferences, privacy needs, and budget.