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When Robert Frost wrote about his neighbor’s feeling that “good fences make good neighbors,” he did so in mourning the loss of connecting with those around us. His valid concern was that we could and would gradually be isolated from the outside. While one can sympathize with Frost, the truth is that many homeowners in the 21st century are in different situations than the New England poet/farmer as they live in an ever closing-in world where heightened awareness of the outside world is paramount to a sense of safety. A simple fence can provide tremendous value for a homeowner in various ways, which makes the construction and maintaining of a fence a wonderful idea.

An initial question asked by many homeowners when considering having a fence constructed is what, if any, monetary value it provides. There is no universal answer to this question because multiple aspects must be considered. At face value, a fence essentially adds no real monetary value to the home; however, when one considers the upgrades in terms of security, privacy, and aesthetic quality, the impact of the fence on an expected return of a home sale then becomes clearer.

Security and privacy are supremely important, especially when one has children and/or pets. A great amount of peace of mind comes into play when a privacy fence does not allow anyone to see into the yard. For those people with swimming pools or hot tubs, more privacy may be desired, and a fence absolutely offers that. While topics such as property theft and spying are not fun to think about, they are realities that should be considered when purchasing a home and when deciding whether or not to put a fence up. Security can also relate to animals, whether trying to keep pets within certain boundaries or trying to keep unwanted critters out. When putting in and keeping up a garden, animals such as deer and rabbits may invade and consume anything as it grows or even while still seeds. Sturdy fences can help prevent such issues.

Fences also add an element of beauty to a yard, especially a back yard. While a front yard fence can seem off-putting, the backyard fence creates a fullness to the property as it extends behind the house. Lovely woods, such as cedar and pine, can be painted or stained, and they may even be cut in interesting designs. Ornate gates may be installed as well. All of these features provide the homeowner with appealing ways to create an aesthetically pleasing, and relaxing, feel to the home.

A fence is a wonderful addition to a property. It can add to a home’s privacy, security, and beauty, all factors that provide more overall value to a home. When desiring to have a fence installed, the professionals at Fusion Fence Company can give you everything you need to be happy with your new backyard.

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  1. I liked how this post wrote that a privacy fence can bring you peace of mind. My friend wants their fence to be secured. I should advise him to turn to a contractor who is versed in fencing solutions.

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