Split Rail Fence

Split rail fencing is some of the most iconic fencing you can find in front of houses. They consist of longer logs that act as the rails, with vertical posts of the same material. The split rail fencing that we offer has three poplar rails that run through treated pine posts. The typical split rail fence we construct is 4' high. Due to the open nature of this fencing, it needs wire mesh if you want to stop animals from jumping out of your yard. Otherwise, it's almost entirely put in place for decorative purposes. The wood is treated to be rot-resistant so that it can stand up to the elements without breaking down quickly. 

Fusion offers Split rail in Pressure treated pine, Cedar, and Spruce 

2 and 3 rail both have the option of adding welded wire mesh to keep little ones and pets safe

Split rail fence built in West Chester Ohio
New treated pine Split rail fence
Split rail fence in Beckett Ridge Ohio by Fusion Fence
2 rail split rail fence
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split rail fence in Cincinnati
split rail fence

Reasons to Build a Split Rail Fence

This type of fence is commonly seen in more rural areas, but the trend towards rustic interior decor has lead to split rail fencing appearing with suburban, and even some urban, houses. A fence can add curb appeal to a home and also clearly mark its borders from the neighboring property. You may feel like your yard looks lacking without a fence, but you don't want to block off your view of the neighborhood or make it difficult for people to get onto your property. A split rail fence has plenty of space to create a light and airy boundary. 

As the wood is exposed to the elements, it will take on a weathered look that's particularly attractive to people looking for a shabby chic style of home. It leaves the impression that the home is well-loved and cozy, as well as inviting overall. 

While split rail fences are not a particularly good choice for security purposes, you can make it work for keeping certain animals in your yard. Since these fences are lower, with a typical height of four feet, you need to keep that in mind when you're adding wire mesh to the fence to keep pets in. 

Split Rail Fence Supplies: Cost to Build

The split rail design is quite simple, so it's DIY friendly. However, you do need to keep in mind the cost of the tools and supplies you'll need to have on-hand before you start a DIY fencing project. In many cases, it makes more sense to bring in a professional crew that already has all of the equipment and experience necessary to make this happen. The first thing you'll need to consider is exactly where your property line is, and where you want to set up the split rail fence. Confirm that this type of structure is allowed on your property based on local building codes and if you're a part of an HOA, any of those bylaws. You also want to know where utility lines are so you don't disrupt any of those. 

There are three types of posts that you have for your split rail fence, along with the rails themselves: end, corner, and line posts. The line posts are the bulk of most split rail fences, as they are drilled completely through for the rails. The end posts are, as the name implies, the endpoint of your split rail fence. Corner posts allow you to have the right angles to enclose your property. 

Helpful tools to have for this DIY split rail project include a measuring tape, a level, and a post hole auger. 

The cost to build your split rail fence depends on the length of the fence and the type of wood you use to build it. For example, cedar split rail fence would be more costly than a less expensive type of wood. Typically, you would pay up to $12 per linear foot for the materials. If you use professional installation services, you would also have to account for the cost of this labor. 


Split rail fencing offers several advantages to your home. It's a cost-effective way to add housing and a great design element, which can lead to an increased home value. If you have a lot of land, then it can be difficult to remember where the boundaries are. A split rail fence can help create a visual indicator and allow you to section off parts of the property as needed. If you wanted to change the way the fence is set up, it's easy to disassemble and expand as needed. 

If you want to add wire mesh later to keep animals in, it's an easy upgrade that won't take long to put into place. The flexibility of split rail fencing allows it to adapt to whatever your family needs at a given time. While the rustic design is currently trendy, it's also a classic and timeless look that can provide a great advantage if you ever wanted to sell your home. 

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