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The choices concerning fence styles and even materials increase every year. Even with different designs available, wood and aluminum continue to be perennial favorites for homeowners. However, PVC or vinyl fences are rising in popularity due to various factors, but three primary reasons are their affordability, their durability, and the low upkeep required to maintain them.

            The first reason, and the one perhaps most valuable to those wishing to put in a fence, especially in a bigger yard, is the affordability in conjunction with the overall value regarding fence life and strength. Considering the PVC pricing aligns almost equally to wood board fences while coming in a cheaper than metal, aluminum, and wrought iron fencing, PVC provides a stylish option to go with its structural integrity. It comes in a variety of colors and options, but the relative cost remains the same even if going with something a bit more ornate.

            The second valuable trait is its durability. Even at a lighter weight, PVC holds up to the elements better than its contemporaries. In fact, PVC is several times stronger than wood, with some estimates claiming five times stronger. This strength makes the affordability that much more impressive as it helps to extend the fence’s life. In environments with a prevalence of high winds, this factor adds even more value.

            The third reason to choose PVC is the low upkeep. Not only is this fencing durable, it also does not require much maintenance. PVC can accrue alga and weather discolorations over time, but regular power washing can keep unsightly marks and streaks to a minimum. Also, as metal can rust over time and wood can rot, both of which cause colors to fade and strength to be compromised, PVC will retain its color while also staying in optimal condition.

            Choosing a fence material can be daunting as there are quite a few directions homeowners can go. Fortunately, there is a high-quality company like Fusion Fence Company with premier professionals to help make a great decision. With PVC being a great way to go, FFC can construct a fence that homeowners can enjoy and trust for many years.

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