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With the various
types of fences available to install, it can be difficult to decide on a
particular style. Privacy fences are a popular option because they provide
multiple valuable qualities for a homeowner. Four great reasons to choose a
privacy fence are the seclusion, security, animal protection, and weather
protection they provide.

Seclusion does not necessarily sound
like a benefit as it can make people think of isolation and loneliness;
however, there are many times homeowners wish to be afforded the safety of
privacy. As most privacy fences are six to eight feet tall, seeing beyond the
slats is mighty difficult for anyone passing by. For owners of pools, hot tubs,
and gardens, having a bit of quiet and concealment leads to a serene and
relaxing environment. Yards can be a space utilized for focusing and calming one’s
mind, and the seclusion component aids that goal.

Security may be the most desired trait
of a privacy fence. Parents and pet owners love to feel that their children and
animals are safe within the confines of the back yard. The height of the fence along
with slats either close together or in a shadowbox style (where the slats are staggered
in an alternate forward/back pattern), for example, work together to maintain
supreme closure from the outside world. They even work to some degree as a
noise inhibitor. These fences also allow homeowners to have property outside,
such as lawn furniture and grills, that cannot be seen, which can prove effective
in preventing potential theft.

A third feature is animal
protection. Giving pets the freedom to roam in the grass allows them to exercise,
loll in the sun, and experience natural sounds and smells. In many areas of the
country, and in rural areas everywhere, outside predators are a real threat.
From hawks overhead to coyotes and wildcats on the ground, pets can encounter
potential harm, so keeping them safe is a bit easier with a high fence. As valuable
as keeping pets safe, keeping foraging animals out of a yard is important too.
For homeowners who keep a garden and/or compost cans, raccoons, deer, and
rabbits can cause major damage. While not completely tamperproof, especially
for climbing critters, the fence can keep ground bound animals away.

A fourth quality of privacy fences
is weather protection. Wind damage is a real hazard in many states, especially
in the Midwest. Having a buffer to keep the wind at bay, then, is a great help
for keeping possessions intact or from being blown away. High fences force the
wind to move around, thus keeping it from knocking over trees, garden fences,
and children’s play sets.

Privacy fences provide a variety of
positive functions for homeowners. Call Fusion Fence Company today for a free
estimate and to learn how you can save your yard and property from wandering
eyes, traveling predators, and damaging weather.

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