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Proper lawn care
involves maintaining a nicely manicured fence line in addition to the rest of
the yard. While this sounds easy, depending on the type of fence and its dimensions,
keeping the fence safe, along with the trimming equipment and yourself, can be
daunting. However, with some forethought and preparation, the grass and weeds
along the fence line can be kept tidy and neat without damaging the fence.

            It would be great to be able to mow
directly up to and along a fence line on either side and get a clean cut.
However, this is highly unlikely to occur, so one must use a weedeater or
trimmer to get the job done. The first step in this process is to mow as close
to a fence as possible in order to have a distinctive grass height to match.
Personal safety is also key prior to weedeating, so wearing safety glasses or
goggles, pants, and even gloves can keep debris or trimmer line from damaging
eyes or skin.

            When weedeating, one should endeavor
to get as close to the fence as possible without actually touching it. If you’re
lucky, your fence is off the ground an adequate height that would allow you to trim
the grass under the fence. Unfortunately, most people’s fences, or if a mesh
wiring is in play, will be close to the ground. This can cause problems for the
long-term look and value of the fence and/or trimmer. If the fence is wood, the
trimmer wire can scrape away layers of the wood that can result in eventual
water damage. If the fence is PVC or vinyl, it can even break chunks from the
fence. With the mesh, denting can occur or the trimmer wire can snap off; this
can result in having to change out the wire often or even damaging the mesh.

            Staying safe and working slowly and
focused will add up to a quality trimming job. Prolonging the life of the fence
and keeping yourself safe are the most important outcomes of this type of work,
so take the proper precautions and don’t rush.

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